How does bevRAGE work?

  1. Check out offers available in your area and buy a beverage at any store, bar, or restaurant.
  2. Save the offer to your shopping cart or click “Redeem Now”
  3. Snap a picture of your itemized receipt.
  4. Submit receipt and get paid within 48 hours!

Key Guidelines

  • A receipt can only be used once, however you can redeem multiple products on a single receipt.
  • You can only earn cash back for the exact product listed on the offer. Please read the offer details carefully.
  • Offers are available in limited quantities, while supplies last. Please check the app before shopping or dining to ensure that an offer is still available.
  • Upload the receipt immediately after purchase to secure a successful submission.
  • Receipt photos must be clear and readable.
  • An offer cannot be combined with any other offers available on bevRAGE.


Are there any restrictions to use the app?

You must be at least 21 years old to redeem an offer for alcoholic beverages.

Why do you need my location?

Your zip code allows us to provide you with offers that are available in your area. If you are traveling, you can always change your zip code in your profile settings to view offers available nearby. Enable your current location on your smartphone, so you can be automatically updated on savings near you!

What are my payment options?

Our users have the option to receive a personal check, or a credit to their PayPal account.

How do I update my payment settings?

Payment settings can be updated at any time. Click the gear icon in the bottom right section of your app to select a payment method or edit your payment options. You can also update your PayPal email address or make changes to your mailing address.

How long does it take for me to receive my rebate?

For users who earn with PayPal, we credit your account within 48 hours of a completed redemption. For users who get rewarded with a check, you must accumulate a $20 minimum for a payment to be sent out. Please allow at least two weeks for your check to be processed and mailed.

Why didn’t I receive my payment?

We do our best to send your payment in a timely manner. In order to ensure proper payment, please be sure to enter your correct billing information. This includes a valid mailing address for checks, and a valid PayPal account for PayPal users.

For any additional questions regarding payment, please contact us at help@bevrage.com.

How can I check the status of my submission?

You can review your submission status under redemption history in the wallet section of your app. You can also view any pending, processing, rejected, and approved submissions.

I have redeemed multiple times, but my account balance states $0. Did my submission go through? *For check users only*

Your submission did go through! The “wallet” tab at the bottom of your app shows your total payout of earnings since you began using bevRAGE. The top of the page will display any submissions that are “check processing”, and that have not been paid out towards the check minimum. Once those submissions have been paid, they will read as “accepted” and drop down to the redemption history section of your “wallet”.

In the “payment method” section of settings, you will see your funds accumulating towards your $20 account balance. Once you are paid, this number will drop back to $0 so you can start earning toward another $20. These funds will transfer over to your ‘wallet’ where they will be added onto your total earnings.

What is an itemized receipt?

An itemized receipt is a printed receipt that includes the name of the item(s) purchased, the name of store or bar, restaurant or retailer, and the date/time. An itemized receipt is the only type of receipt we accept. Handwritten receipts are not accepted.

How many times can I redeem an offer?

You may redeem an offer 1 time for the lifetime of the offer.

Can offers expire before their listed end date?

Yes! Quantities are limited for all offers; popular offers can run out quickly. Always be sure to browse the app before purchasing.

If I buy multiples of a product on the list, will I earn cash back on all of them or just one?

Be sure to check the offer details to see the offer limit and what is required. Some of our offers are on a single item purchase, and others are on multiple items purchased, where you are required to purchase a specific amount (i.e. $15 off six bottles).

How old can my receipts be?

The date on your receipt must be consistent with the dates that the offer is active. Any receipts that are older than the start date of an offer will not be accepted.

How do I redeem multiple offers on one receipt?

Simply locate the offers you would like to redeem. On each offer, click “Save Offer” on the top of the page, and it will be moved to the “saved offers” section of the app located at the bottom, next to the home icon. From there, select and check off the offers you would like to redeem on the same receipt, click “redeem now”. This will prompt you to take a picture of your receipt. Take as many pictures necessary to capture items, then click submit!

Why did my receipt get rejected?

Your receipt was rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • Your photo is not of a receipt
  • Your receipt is blurry, illegible or cut off
  • The same receipt has been submitted twice
  • Submitting a receipt with a timestamp inconsistent with the start date of the offer
  • Submitting a receipt that does not contain the item stated in the offer
  • Your purchase did not match offer details due to incorrect size, varietal, and/or purchase requirement
  • Submitting a receipt that has been modified or doctored
  • The product purchased was not made in a valid state
  • Your receipt was submitted for the incorrect premise
  • Not adhering to our terms and conditions
  • You are suspicious of fraudulent activity

Are the offers only for alcohol drinks?

Although a majority of our offers are alcoholic, we also offer non-alcoholic options such as mixers and spritzers.

Can multiple people from the same household participate?

Absolutely, as long as each person has his or her own account. Just remember: only one account is permitted per device, and each receipt can only be uploaded once.

How does the Share & Earn Cash Program work?

Get cash for sharing the app! Share bevRAGE with your friends and family via text, email or social media and receive cash when they redeem for their first time using your referral code.

When will bevRAGE be available near me?

BevRAGE is currently available in 43 states nationwide. We are constantly expanding and looking for new ways to introduce the app into your state. Be on the lookout for bevRAGE and rage on!

Contact us at support@bevrage.com for any further questions.

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