The Remarkable Rise of Craft Beer

The early 2000s marked the beginning of the Craft Beer trend. Armed with brewing kits, home brewers began developing fun and interesting flavors, like chocolate stouts, to share with friends and family. These same brewers soon began launching their own breweries and catering to local markets.


Many have wondered how long the craft beer trend would last. As bigger brands began to acquire their small craft competitors, would the movement begin to die? If anything, current trends have shown us that Craft Beer may be here to stay.


There are currently over 5,000 breweries operating in the United States. Of these breweries, 99% are considered small or independent. This is the highest number of breweries seen in the States. And with over 1.2 million home brewers being reported in the U.S., the number of Craft Breweries may well continue to rise.


What drives imbibers to the craft market? Many craft beer lovers site the abundance of flavors as an enticement. With such a wide variety of styles and tastes, a craft beer drinker rarely gets bored. Some may even go as far as pairing craft beer with food, much like wine drinkers. Looking for a beer to go with that burger and fries? Try an India Pale Ale. Or, how about an Imperial Stout to go with those dark chocolate truffles?


Craft Beer isn’t just for the boys. Of craft beer drinker’s women account for 37%. Perhaps it’s the diverse flavors, the desire to support local business, or the feeling of inclusion. More women are falling in love with the world of craft beers.


While they may not overthrow the Kings of Beer anytime soon. Craft Breweries are more than just a passing fad.


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