Where is Craft Beer Most Popular?


Every year, the Brewers Association kicks off a week-long celebration of the American Craft Beer. From May 15th – 21st, nationwide events will be held including “brewery tours, special beer releases, beer and food pairings,” and more to celebrate the independent craft brewers. With every state participating in the festivities, we took a look at where the American Craft Beer reigns supreme.

Beer lovers everywhere are turning towards craft beer – preferring the fuller flavored regional beers over the standard industry leaders. Craft beer volume growth has cooled in 2016, but is still growing at 6% to 24.6 million barrels in just 2016. It already occupies over 12% market share in the beer industry. Big players in the industry are jumping on the trend, shown by AB InBev purchasing Karbach Brewing and Devil’s Backbone last year.

There are currently over 5,000 breweries operating in the United States. While beer drinkers have demonstrated overwhelming support for independent microbreweries, imbibers are often limited to the craft beers brewed within their state.  For some that’s not such a bad thing. Take Vermont for instance. Vermont leads with 8 breweries per person. 

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’re also in luck. California, Washington, and Oregon offer over 1,200 craft breweries combined. And it may be of no surprise to learn that Colorado, with its already established beer culture has the second highest number of breweries with 348. Four Southern states – Virginia, North Caroline, Florida, and Texas – all saw an increase of more than 35 breweries last year. But not every state is enjoying a craft beer boom – states like Washington D.C., Mississippi, and North Dakota all have less than 15 breweries.

No matter where you live it’s no secret that craft beer is on the rise. But is the growth due to come to an end? With an increase in popularity, comes an increase in competition. In 2016, 97 breweries closed their doors. To support your local brewers, and celebrate the American Craft Beer, visit craftbeer.com to find events in your area.

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