8 Reasons You Get Drunker Than Your Friends


Ever notice when you’re out on the town or even just enjoying a few glasses of wine with friends, you get drunker than your friends? Or maybe you think your tolerance is a lot better than it actually is. Here are a few reasons why your friend’s tolerance is much better (or worse) than yours.

  • Age – The older you are, the less you’re able to handle your liquor as the body tends to have less water. As a result, alcohol builds up at a higher concentration. Organs like your brain might feel the effects faster as well.


  • Gender – Women tend to feel the effects of alcohol more than men. On average, women have a higher percentage of body fat and since alcohol isn’t absorbed well by fatty tissue, it leads to a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood.


  • Size – This might be a no-brainer, but the bigger you are, the more alcohol you can consume before you feel the effects of alcohol. A higher BMI and amount of plasma in the body affects the ability of people who are bigger to consume more.




  • Ethnicity – Unfortunately, certain ethnicities lack the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol, which affects the way their bodies can break down alcohols. Asians notoriously lack this enzyme. Native Americans also metabolize alcohol much slower than other ethnicities.


  • Perception – Believe it or not, if you want to get drunk, you might feel drunker. In studies, people began to act drunk when they were told they were given alcohol (they weren’t actually).



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